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Title: Need 5 more for scrim roster!!!
Post by: rip|Ripper on October 23, 2017, 09:19:14 PM
Yes we are actively scrimming and filling out our roster!!

WE NEED 5 MORE FOR BF1- 1 pilot, 1 tanker and 3 elite infantry!!

after registering


Game servers:

all MAPS server:
**Beaker's Playground-All Maps Conquest Noobs Welcome!

TeamRIP is a veteran, multi-gaming clan. FPS is the core activity but we now also have Racing, SW:ToR and casual forays into other genres, on the side.

Despite the inevitable ups and downs gaming communities tend to have, TeamRIP has always weathered the storm. We encourage a mature (18 and up), but relaxed and fun environment. In any game we play going for the win is a given, but we try not forget - it is a game, have fun!

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