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Author Topic: SCE - COD4 scrim S&D  (Read 3057 times)
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« on: January 04, 2008, 09:39:16 PM »

Hey there, really enjoyed the scrim vs. you guys on the Overgrown Domination maps, even if we got wooped =)p You guys have got some great teamwork going on so it's a pleasure to play vs you.  Anyway I was wondering if you would be up for the following on Call of Duty 4 :

Number of players is no issue, anywhere from 8-16/team would be ideal

Server Settings as follows =
Gametype : Search & Destroy
*Mode: Hardcore
*Suggested maps - convoy, city streets + 1 other of your choice.
*Point limit : 7
*Round limit : 13
*Time limit : 5 minutes
*Match point win : 2:1 of the maps.
*Bomb time plant : 7 seconds
*Bomb time defuse : 8 seconds
*Bomb Timer: 55 seconds
*Switch sides : every 3 rounds
*No kill cam
*No respawns
*Number of bombs : Everyone on attacking side begins with a bomb.
*Team Killing: 100% Shared - you take all damage you inflict on Team member
*Restrictions : no martyrdom, airstrikes, or helicopters
*Victory Points:
:::Attackers = Eliminate 100% of the other team, or Have the bomb timer reach 0 and go off succesfully.
:::Defenders = Eliminate 100% of the other team, or Defuse the bomb before the timer reaches 0
Server will be unranked so that helo, airstrikes, and martyrdom can be disabled without complications in game.

Match to take place on ::: Shadow Company Elite\\\'s New York Server :::

Date to be decided but for now January 10th, 6pm Mountain Standard Time. (-7).

I will be setting up a thread on our forums if you would like to reply there, also, feel free to email me at sce.minion@gmail.com

Hope to scrim you guys again soon, definitely is helping our clan out in the teamwork aspects of the game

Shadow Company Elite Lieutenant : COD4

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